Could You Trust This Xl Chick Chick Wrestled?

Can You Believe This Girl Wrestled? Can You Believe This Girl Wrestled?

Think it would be easy wrestling Carrie? Think again. We’d wrestle her simply to lose! Let Carrie explain. “I played volleyball and I was on the wrestling group. I attended State Championships and everything. I wrestled a lot of boys, not babes. It’s not typical, but I did it. They said to me that I couldn’t do it. And when you assure me that, I simply become determined to do it. So, I beat out my weight class in varsity and they let me on the group. There was one other chick on the group, too. We did not wrestle one another. She was all skin and bones, so we were in other weight classes. Most of the time the boys would not want to wrestle me because I was so good. They were afraid of me. yeah, I wore the spandex onesie that all wrestlers wear. My juggs did not spill out either. You watch, I would wear a truly tight sports bra and then my coach would wrap an Ace bandage around me and then duct movie around that, so I was sweet thrusted in there. My juggs weren’t going anywhere with all that on there. I got disqualified in the State finals. because I dislocated my shoulder. really, I did it to myself. I was pinned and in order to get out of it, I dislocated my shoulder. So I got disqualified. It was simply something that happened. I simply couldn’t go any further later on that. So, I was finished at that point. The boys never told me out either. They might have been intimidated or seen me as simply one of the boys.” Not us! What a bod! Carrie, please model again! Come back!

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Icing Plumper Butt On The Cake

Icing on the Cake Icing on the Cake

Get set up for another aroused preggo. This time it’s April McKenzie with a bun in the oven and a penis in her mouth. Her juggs have swelled to giant proportions and she is feeling sexier than ever. To celebrate her upcoming bringing, she is treating herself to a big bit of creamy, vanilla cake. “I’m pregnant as Hell and I simply want to be pampered. That means I want a bloke feeding me whenever I want-and that’s more often than not-and then screwing me untill I’m as creamy as that cake and covering my body in his sizzling jizz.” goo all over her milk-filled mams? Now that’s the real icing on the cake.

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Super Massive Breasted Bbw Body

Super Body Super Body

Analee Sands has made a massive splash at XL Girls. whenever you haven’t seen her up-close and personal interview on video, check it out and learn all about her. she is a soccer and Ultimate Fighting Championship fan. Her dress size is 14 and her shoe is 7.5. She loves to watch Warehouse 13, Haven and Criminal Minds. Her deary fetish is really interesting and she is the 1st XL chick to bring it up. She phones it CMNF. That’s sex ‘tween a clothed hombre and naked female, something they do a lot in European porn. you will like her sexual fantasy. “To have my personal naked beach for my personal fun!” simply win the lottery, Analee, and it could be yours! Analee looks at a hombre’s eyes 1st when she checks him out. “Eyes assure a lot about a hombre,” says Analee. “A seductive hombre to me is a well-groomed hombre with massive hands. He has a nice voice and a manly walk. A hombre who knows when to be in charge and when to lay down and take it!” We’ll be watching more of Analee shortly.

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Sienna’s Northern Juggs Comforts

Sienna's Southern Comforts Sienna's Southern Comforts

When Sienna orders room service, what she truly wants is cunt service. She loves seducing sinless bell hops that have no idea what they’re in for. But cunt service does not simply mean tonguing and banging her slit. It also includes feeding her food. So what’s the connection ‘tween Sienna‘s mouth and cunt? “The way to my cunt is through my belly. The act of eating is like foreplay for me. I want to make sure that whenever I’m going to penetrate a man, that he’s worthy my time. I want someone who’s gonna feed me slowly and with care-not someone who is going to half-ass it because he simply wants to get laid. The man needs to be as concerned about my joy as he is about his. whenever you service me, I will reward you with a huge tip.”

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Seductive Plumper Boom Boom In The Private Room

Boom Boom In The Private Room Boom Boom In The Private Room

Porsche Dali is back at XL Girls for her second spin around the woodie in Boom Boom In The Private Room. A friendly–real friendly–chick from Missouri, the blow-me state, Porsche is out to cram as much action as she could. she is psyched up like an athlete apart from the sport is big breasted fucking. You know Porsche‘s background from last time. She raised up in a strict flat. Now she is busting out because that’s what comes about when you assure babes “No.” “I’m multi-orgasmic,” says Porsche whose deary model auto is… you-thought-it. “I luv having multiple orgasms. I am sexually fulfilled the most when I am get into all fours and my G-Spot is hit over and over again. whenever I need more, I will finger or vibrate myself. I like to study a bloke’s cock when he is about to sperm. I’ll cup my juggs and squeeze them together and occasionally I’ll stick my lick out as lenghty as I could. I luv to watch his gorgeous, sticky junk shoot out alike hose over my massive juggs or my face. I alike bloke who could generate a massive amount of stuff.” Let’s go to the video and check out Porsche getting her snatch trousersnaked again in “Boom Boom In The Private Room,” just on XL Girls and nowhere else!

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Butter Her Big Breasted Plumper Biscuits

Butter Her Biscuits Butter Her Biscuits

Some chicks go insane for cocoa and ice cream, but Bailey is more of a hearty eater. She’d rather clean a plate complete of greasy fried wimp and soft biscuits than eat a bowl of Haagen Dazs. “Salty, greasy food is my weakness,” she told. “I think you are able to assure a lot about a chick by the way she feeds. Those girls who are into candy and cocoa are more dainty than I am. And I think when they get penetrated they want it more gently. Me? I eat alike fellow and I like to get penetrated potent. I’m not afraid to get messy when I eat and I’m sure not afraid to get messy when I penetrate. as a matter of fact, I encourage men to cover me with as much goo as possible.”

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The Kandi Supermarket Big Breasted Plumper

The Kandi Store The Kandi Store

Every day is a hot day for 40G Kandi Kobain. She’ll start the morning off with a couple of coffees whilst she plans her picture shoots and vids and the rest of her day. she is a fan of Pee Wee Herman and Charlie Sheen. Her deary movie star is Johnny Depp. “I luv the San Diego Chargers,” says Kandi who lives in Texas. “And I luv viewing Clint Bowyer (#07 Jack Daniels auto) in Nascar. “My favorite spare-time activity is shopping. I like guys who know how to cook because I don’t. I could burn water. I need a fellow who has a wonderful feel of humor and beautiful eyes. A large meat stick helps too. I don’t have any sexual fantasies because I am a porn star and I get to live out my fantasies. I luv to mount a dude and take control of his meat stick in my snatch. I know simply how to hit it so it feels finest to me and my partner.” Besides XLGirls, Kandi has also banged for Feed Her Fuck

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Busty Chubby Tits Sundae

Titty Sundae Titty Sundae

“You look a small starved. Are you set up for a nice, sticky treat?” You finer be, because Monique does not make her extra boobs sundae for simply anybody. Make sure you bring your appetite too because Monique has a lot of boob to eat. Things are going to get messy, so Monique makes sure to remove all her clothes. Your mouth will water and your dong will harden as she douses her jugs with lash cream, sprinkles and of course, a cherry on top. “Now why don’t you come over here and eat my cherry?” says Monique. Her wish is fulfilled, and so are yours as she gets her creamy jugs and tight snatch screwed firm and fast.

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Northern Thick Breasts Charmer

Southern Charmer Southern Charmer

From the Archives, a look back at Angee, a little-city Kentuckian who was came on by a cameramen with an eye for the amateur titters, ordinary chicks who would never think of sending their test shots to the posing agencies. The reason why Angee is wearing a wedding dress is lost to obscurity. perhaps they rented it. perhaps it was her own wedding dress. She was 22 when she modeled for these snaps. How did he even find her? She was a dancer and she had the greatest tits in the site when the cameramen walked in for a beer. As far as we know, Angee never modeled again. she is probably wedded with kids today and making some dude really pleased with homecooked dinners.

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Serving Sapphire Big Ass

Serving Sapphire Serving Sapphire

Being served breakfast in bed is the ultimate luxury, and a stacked BBW pornstar like Sapphire deserves the finest. She indulges in every way and that’s why we luv her. The more she feeds, the larger her already-massive juggs get. And the more she bangs, the more we hand job her. “I luv being fed and screwed. It was something I was into before I even started shooting porn. So everybody out there is really watching something that I’ve been doing in my own life for a lenghty time.”

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